Geert van Hecke
Van Hool
Head of Sales

Geert van Hecke

I am a seasoned professional with international experience in all areas of the automotive including production, quality, maintenance, finance, sales, and business development. I worked 16 years for General Motors, mainly in manufacturing positions in Belgium and short assignments in the USA and Australia. I joined Tower International in 2007 and became the plant leader of the manufacturing plant in Belgium. In 2008 I became Vice-President responsible for the European Assembly Operations in Germany, Italy and Belgium. In 2011 I headed the European Sales as VP with office in Germany.

During the time at Tower International I was the MD of the operations in Italy (3 plants), Belgium (1 plant) and Germany (1 plant). Joining Bus Company Van Hool in 2013 I became responsible for tendered sales and project management of urban buses, and in particular technology projects, such as hybrid buses, electric buses, trolleybuses and fuel cell buses and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) projects. I obtained three university degrees at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL) : Civil Engineer, MBA and Bachelor of Philosophy. I am fluent in Dutch, French, English and German.